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 Ten Key Tips [PUBLIC] (by Danomight)

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Deadshoot Daiquiri
Deadshoot Daiquiri

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PostSubject: Ten Key Tips [PUBLIC] (by Danomight)Fri 28 Feb - 15:06

Publishing : 2012/11/26

I break down the 10 most crucial tips for excelling in Black Ops II Zombies Grief Mode!

  1. Knife opponents to move them.
  2. Revive from a prone crouch position.
  3. Grab powerups immediately
  4. Throw nades at enemies using PaP or the Mustery Box.
  5. Spread out in early rounds & Draw together in later rounds.
  6. Outlast opponent in early rounds.
  7. Keep track of how many points your opponents have.
  8. Attract zombies to your team in early rounds & Attract them to enemies in later rounds (Zombie Flesh).
  9. Use EMP Grenades to disable perk machines and the Pack-a-Punch.
  10. ''Train'' Zombies and lead them to your opponents.

These are really basic tricks for the novice players, gave in the beginning of the game.
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Ten Key Tips [PUBLIC] (by Danomight)

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