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 1v1 of the year

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Date d'inscription : 2014-04-11
PostSubject: 1v1 of the yearMon 28 Apr - 14:20

1: Round 20
2: No Box
3: No PaP
4: No glitch
5: No over abuse camping
6: At begging of the round no blocking jugg
7: 1 minute safety period
8: best 2 out of 3 
9: If 3 games the fastest time host last game
10: Game closed one judge and 2 players must be in game
11: theater mode clips must be sent to any judges
12: You can upload these clips to gain advantages on who will vote for you (Wise)
13: The tables will be set in divisions for different countries Division Americas: Canada/SouthAmerica and Us. Division Spanish: SouthAmerica/Spain Division European: Spain, England and French 
Jun. Winner (Americas)
Jun. Winner (Spanish)
Jun. Winner (European)
July.Winner (Americas)
July.Winner (Spanish)

Send your 1v1 requests to oMieux or Yoplixboy25
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1v1 of the year

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