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 Checks Cheaters | 2014-05-24

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Deadshoot Daiquiri
Deadshoot Daiquiri

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PostSubject: Checks Cheaters | 2014-05-24Sat 24 May - 5:13

Checks Cheaters 05/24

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  • R----1000----R  (#65 Tranzit 2P)
    (F: CODFATH8R_716, I-JUKE-U, Saharra420, ObnoxiousSlong, ItaaN4DEN-, ILLUMINATI-666-)
  • microbe47000, TehSaaah, BhaBravoMorray, vReeZa__ (F:signo02)
  • Soccerboy_08 & xx-Kaiser continue to play despite the promise.
  • SuffeRNyX stops to play with SuffeR_iN_Hell (#83 CB) and now collaborates with me.

[05:41:14] SuffeRNyX : I long ago was booster with corin, sltrulove, mihail luciano, massacre blud, tracey is boss, lilcano, illuminati, soccer boy, beizmo, bigguccidart, nateis mr epic, zombie demolition, Saharra and many false accounts illuminati like tfacekiller666, CJW da man, sltruelove666. the best lag switchers are micha germany, denny Karthaus and savage555
[05:43:01] SuffeRNyX : I hate the lag switch. fonscar me teach how to do but hate that
[05:47:50] SuffeRNyX : godz rj 101 booster hahaah wow all boosters and lag switchers
[05:50:19] SuffeRNyX : columbus and placher lag switchers , and lpackman hacker
[05:50:43] SuffeRNyX : Q8_3asf_ALjn_Q8 booster
[06:29:39] Cradle_of_Beer : Mathias338dx = Microbe
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Checks Cheaters | 2014-05-24

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