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 Grief Tournament #2 - 2013/08/16 (by iMERK562 & hoohahhLipz)

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Deadshoot Daiquiri
Deadshoot Daiquiri

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PostSubject: Grief Tournament #2 - 2013/08/16 (by iMERK562 & hoohahhLipz)Thu 22 Aug - 2:29

  1. All matches will start at round 20 with magic enabled on Town. All teams are expected to finish the round. If host ends the round then the team will earn a loss. DON'T end the game.

  2. For a team to advance in the tournament they must win two out of the three matches played. Each team will host one out of the three games. The player with the best connection on each team will host one game. *NEW* For the third game, the host will be selected by whoever eliminates the opposing team quicker.

  3. Each team must consist of four main players and each team will also be allowed one additional player to substitute any of the main players if they are not able to show up for the match. The substitute player has to participate in at least one tournament game. The amount of teams are not limited so once all teams are official, the tournament will begin. Once the teams are submitted it is FINAL. No change of players or teams will be allowed once the tournament has started. *NEW* If one team doesn't have the required four players on the team during their tournament match then they will have to play with the three players against the opposing four players. They will not be disqualified. The only way a team can be disqualified is by have less than three players on the team on the day of their match or cheating.

  4. There will be a random lottery with the name of the teams to determine the tournament matches.

  5. Each lobby will be closed to prevent players from leaving the match and rejoining (Rage quitting). If a player times out the match it will continue as is. If the host times out and the game is ended, the host's team will earn a loss. (No exceptions)

  6. Before each match is started, all players must confirm that they are present and ready to start. Once started all players will be given a 30 second safe seat. So if a player times out within those 30 seconds, the game will be ended and restarted, but once it has gone past that 30 second mark and a player times out, the game will continue as started.

  7. CHEATING won't be allowed. Lag-switching will disqualify you and your team from the tournament. No Modded controllers will be allowed in the tournament. You can only enter the tournament with one account. If you are using two accounts to play with different teams in the tournament you won't be allowed to participate in the tournament. *NEW* The Jug corner "glitch" will now be prohibited, also the corner across from the jug window area will not be allowed. If a player is reported "camping" in any of those two corners to escape death or for any other reason, the team will be disqualified. The only exception to this rule is if you are punched into the corner and held against your will, then that will be the only time a player will technically be allowed in that area.

  8. Have fun and good luck!
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Grief Tournament #2 - 2013/08/16 (by iMERK562 & hoohahhLipz)

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